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Adorned Women's Ministry

Adorned is a community of women cheering each other on in our God-given purpose and walking in the freedom Christ died for us to have. We strive to embrace, encourage, and edify the Lord in relationship with Him and each other. Adorned is girls having fun, sharing our gifts, and glorifying God


Adorned Events 2022

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Morning 6/18 ~ Breakfast $10
Saturday Morning 9/17 ~ Backyard Tea $10
Sunday Afternoon 9/25 ~ Co-ED Softball Game $10
Friday Evening 10/7 ~ Masked Karaoke or Game Night $10

Adorned Connect Group

Lead by Kelly Mooney - Meeting In-Person every other week (beginning 1/13/22) @ 6:00PM in the Study at Sonrise.
In this series, "More Than Words," Robert Morris explains how the Bible offers life-giving revelation and power. He dives into how you can read the Bible, experience the miracles within it, and discover the answers you need.
1. Bread
2. Water
3. Breath
4. Dominion
5. Symbols
6. Sight
7. Light

This 7 session study will help you better understand the life-giving revelation and power of God's Word. Please contact Kelly at with any questions.

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